Alta Bracelet Oval Shaped

Alta Bracelet Oval Shaped

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  • 925 Silver Bracelet Plated with 18K Yellow Gold set with: 10 - Oval shaped Rose Quartz/Amethyst/Citrine/White Topaz/Lemon Quartz
  • 7.5 inches
  • Oval cut 6 x 8 millimeters

Birth Month Stone & Significance

  • Suitable with February, November, and April (Amethyst, Citrine, Blue Topaz, and White Topaz)

Care Tips

Please advise customers to take extra care when wearing the chrome diopside pieces.

  • Light Cleaning : Use clean chamois cloth or eyewear cleaning cloth to wipe on gem and setting.
         Wipe in circular motion.

  • Liquid Solution for Easy Cleaning : Use mild soap or mild dish soap mixed with warm water.
- Soak the jewelry piece in the solution
- Lightly brush underneath the gem (behind the piece) with
super soft brush (small toothbrush) - Rinse the piece under warm water - Blow dry the piece with cool wind
(do not use cloth to rub the gem)
*Avoid using coarse/hard clothes to clean the jewelry